Lawyer of murdered Kurdish family receives death threat

  • 14:18 2 August 2021
  • News
KONYA - Abdurrahman Karabulut, the lawyer of the Kurdish family killed as a result of the racist attack, received death threat.
Abdurrahman Karabulut, the lawyer of the Kurdish family who was murdered as a result of the racist attack they suffered in their home in Hasanköy in Meram district of Konya on July 30, was threatened with death by a person who called the law office. Noting that he was called on the office phone, but the secretary in the office answered the phone because he was at the funeral at that time, Abdurrahman stated, a person referring to himself said ‘’We will find you, it will be your turn as well. We will kill you.’’
He will be the follower of case
Abdurrahman, who received death threat by being insulted over the phone, said that many names from the government and the governor made a statements as ‘’This is not a racist attack, it is a hostility between two families. Those who express it as racist create provocation.’’ Abdurrahman stated that after these statements he was made a target and exposed to insults and threats on various social media accounts. Underlining that he will continue to be a follower of this case, Abdurrahman emphasized that he will not step back with such threats, and that he will continue the entrust left by the murdered family to him. Abdurrahman also said that he will initiate the necessary legal proceedings regarding the issue.